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Risk Management

Surefleet can provide risk management solutions to organisations seeking to improve their health and safety compliance, reduce fleet operational costs, and safeguard the welfare of employees who drive as part of their work activity.

The Services Available Include:

Driver Document/Licence Checks
Occupational Road Risks
Fleet Auditing
Operators Licensing
Collision Investigation
Health and Safety Checks
Driver Training/Skid Pan Training

Surefleet has the infrastructure via its partners to deliver on-road training and 'refresher' training at virtually any location in the UK and can also provide off-road training (such as Skid Car, vehicle dynamics and 4x4 training) at selected sites.

In addition to offering organisations and their people greater choice and flexibility when it comes to service delivery, we provide online risk assessments, e-learning, seminars and tailored workshops.

Get protected by SureFleet today.

Our SureFleet service not only mitigates the costs of accidents in your fleet, we also provide the above services reducing the cost of fleet maintenance.