Vehicle Black Box could be standard for new vehicles.

August 01, 2014
SureFleet Team

Black Box style recorders (AKA Event Data Recorders “EDRs”) could become mandatory for new vehicles.

You may not know this but most new vehicles on the road today are already fitted with such devices that record data before and after an accident on the road. But as of yet there is no mandatory requirement to have them in vehicles.

Consultancy firm TRL was asked by the European Commission to undertake a study on the deployment of the technology and how it can “improve road safety and access to justice”. TRL will send its report to the European Commission by the end of August.

Key issues that will be decided include:

  • Whether EDRs should be mandatory in all vehicles or certain categories of vehicles
  • What data should be recorded
  • Who has access to the data
  • Who owns the data

Source and for more information see FleetNews